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Suzanne Raffellini

Fused Glass Love, Hope, Happiness Motif Statement bowl

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A truly stunning statement centerpiece bowl, with a hand painted 22ct gold Love * Friendship * Hope * Happiness * Laughter motif running round the lip and red and gold hearts scattered through the center.

Red ( copper) and Gold (brass) hearts are hand cut from metal sheet, sandwiched between 2 circles of glass and fired in a kiln at 800 Deg C.

The motif is hand painted front the edge of the fired piece with colloidal 22ct gold paint and fired again forming a thin layer of pure gold metal ( this is the same method for producing gold rims on teacups). The circular shape is finally made into a bowl by slumping the glass into a mold former at 650 Deg C.

Bowl dimensions, 40 cm diameter x 10 cms deep with an approximately 3 cm deep lip.

This bowl is available to buy now but it is possible to personalize to order.

Personalization includes:

  • Lettering - any selection of words can be chosen and colors available are gold or silver ( silver colour is actually colloidal Platinum). Font style can be chosen and even copies of handwriting examples can be produced for that extra special touch.
  • Heart colors- hearts are made from metal foils. Colors available are deep red (copper), bubbly gold(brass), silver(silver leaf), gray/pale gold mix(aluminium foil), black(aluminium sheet, turquoise bubbles (copperleaf).

Personalization ideas include wedding gifts, engagement, special birthday

Personalized orders will take to 2 - 3 weeks to deliver. Please discuss your requirements with me before ordering.