• Designer bespoke glass splashback

    Designer bespoke glass splashback 

    Kitchen splashbacks always catch the light and are a great enhancement to the room in any house that gets the most traffic. Given that, my clients find a bespoke glass splashback is the icing on the cake for them.

    I made this one for a friend and after a design consultation the brief was set: nothing textured, for hygiene reasons, something colour co-ordinated with the new kitchen and a piece of artwork that caught the light.

    I made some prototypes

    working with blue and green glass powders and silver leaf. I stencilled the design onto a white glass panel using the colours chosen. 

    Then when I’d made the leaf pattern, I cut out leaves from silver leaf and placed them in a random fashion and capped it with a sheet of clear glass secured with silicone.

    If you’d like me to make one for you contact me.

  • St. Michaels

    The stained glass windows at church in Amersham were commissioned by the church. They had an unusual request, which was that the stained glass should be virtually colorless. And they also wanted the people from the outside outside the church to be invited in. They wanted a connection with the statue of St. Michael which is on the front of the church. Finally they wanted the window design to reflect the ethos of the church.

    The resulting design although figurative, is abstract in a way such that the resulting angels are featureless and androgenous. The angels of St. Michael, are warrior angels just like him and so carry a spear and sword, but, as they are inviting people to come into the church, they are at ease with one one angel leaning on his spear and the other has his sword at rest pointing downwards.

    As the glass is see through, when you enter the church and turn round, it appears that the angels have also turned and they are guarding you from behind. So it gives that feeling of protection.

  • NSEW

    This commission was made by a client who wanted a stained glass panel to hang in her window but when she came to visit my studio she fell in love with my birch trees in spring pictures so decided to have a special sized one made to fit the centre of the panel with the N, S, E and W symbols to represent the paces she had travelled in her life. Panel size 17 “ x 17 “.

  • Chilterns scene

    This Chiltern's scene was commissioned by a private client. They wanted an abstract type of design in stained glass that breathed  color and image into their kitchen. It was the first thing you saw as you walked in the kitchen and had previously looked out over the side of the neighbours house. After an intitial run though of ideas, I provided a series of sketches to focus their ideas. Their favourite design was then tweaked and adjusted until the client was happy.

    "Just thought I'd let you know how much we love the window.It really does look fantastic, especially first thing in the morning" Bill